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Body Worn Cameras

Body Worn Cameras

Spotswood Police Department Official Deployment of Body Worn Cameras (BWC)

Officers of the Spotswood Police Department will now be wearing BWCs. This is a rolling deployment and every uniform officer will be utilizing the BWCs by March 1, 2022. The images below depict the actual BWC and how it will be equipped on the officers.

BWCs are viewed as valuable assets intended to assist officers in solving crimes and successfully prosecuting offenders by augmenting an officer’s testimony with a video/audio record of the incident.

BWC recordings preserve accurate visual depictions of physical evidence and also document how physical evidence was found, thereby helping to establish the facts that must be presented in court.

BWCs also record the physical appearance of suspects and crime victims, preserving evidence of any apparent injuries. The audio portion of BWC recordings will document witness and suspect statements. Additionally, this equipment will enable department administrators to conduct periodic reviews of officer-citizen contacts for quality control purposes and ais in the investigation of citizen complaints.

Any questions or concerns regarding BWcs as they relate to the Spotswood Police Department can be directed to Acting Chief Philip Corbisiero, 732-251-2121 extension 853.

Tim Cahill